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Wired & Wireless Networks For Retail & Hospitality

The data network is mission critical for the Retail and Hospitality sector. It is what connects your outlets to central systems, enables customers to be served. You network is pivotal to the customer experience that you deliver. At Ensign we recognise the importance of wired and wireless networks for retail and hospitality.

Our team understands the specific nuances inherent with your sector. We know how to design, deploy and manage core-to-edge networks that are secure, perform well, and enable retailers and hospitality operators to deliver the best end-user and customer experience.

Secure Retail & Hospitality Network

You are looking for a resilient network, as any downtime can impact your business. You also need your network to be secure, not just for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, but to ensure you protect your outlets and customers from cyber-attacks. Equally as important, you need your network to deliver the best possible end-user and customer experience.

Our team at Ensign understand retail and hospitality and take the time to understand your specific needs. We architect a solution that is modular, enabling agility to open, close and scale outlets as required. We secure this by design and enable you to centrally monitor and manage this from edge to your core, to reduce risk and ensure performance.

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Guest WiFi & Customer Insights

Today your customers expect you to provide a Guest WiFi Service. Ensign can enable you to deliver this by optimising WiFi coverage throughout your outlets. We provide you with the capacity to meet expectations and ensuring that you deliver a highly secure service to your customers.

Our team will look to help you monetise this service by enabling you to deploy a Guest WiFi portal. This portal collects key marketing data from your customers. This enables you to capture key intelligence, such as the frequency of visits, the flow and dwell of the customer around your store, and key behaviours and preferences. A greater understanding of your customers enables you to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

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Want To Talk About Your Network?

We are doing some amazing things for retailers and hospitality operators and would love to share this with you.

If you want to talk about your network and learn what is possible and what we are doing for similar organisations, simply provide us with some details and we will connect you with one of our specialists.

Smart IoT Facilities Management

IoT is delivering significant value to the retail and hospitality sector enabling the smart management of facilities and equipment. Intelligent environmental sensors are helping operators to better optimise power and heating. This will hep to reduce costs and provide a nicer environment for customers. Monitoring devices on key equipment are reducing the risk of failure. People counting technology is helping to understand capacity and facility utilisation.

At Ensign we are leading the way in helping retailers and hospitality operators to understand what is possible in the world of IoT. We can help you and to the vast array of data that can be captured to deliver true intelligence on their facilities, operation and customers.

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Professionally Managed Secure Network

We help retailers and hospitality operators to ensure that their network is both secure and resilient, by providing a fully managed service.

From our network operations centre we are able to proactively monitor every part of your network. Ensign can help optimising performance, quickly identifying and addressing issues, and constantly assessing risk to your network from cyber-attacks. We work with you to understand your hours of business and service requirements. Our team can tailor a professional managed service to meet your needs and deliver what is required for your business.

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Why Choose Ensign For Your Retail & Hospitality Networks?

Ensign has a wealth of experience in providing secure networksWiFi solutions and connectivity for the retail and hospitality sector. We understand the pace at which this sector moves and the criticality of the network in serving the business.

Our team are specialists in designing and deploying Wireless Networks into retail outlets and hospitality venues, both big and small. We bring a wealth of experience around Guest WiFi solutions. Our solutions add considerable value in helping you turn the data traversing your network into actionable insights that can improve every aspect of your operation.