Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Outdoor Wireless Networks, Geolocation & Connectivity

Wired & Wireless Networks For Transportation & Logistics

Whether you operate a seaport, a railway hub or a major distribution centre, your network is critical in maximising the throughput of your operation. This sector requires networks for transportation and logistics that can operate in the most hostile of environments, and that are highly reliable and secure.

Ensign specialise in such environments. We provide core-to-edge networks that are powering some of the UK’s largest transport and logistics operations. We connect cranes, trucks, and track the movement of goods through carefully designed networks. Our team can meticulously manage these networks to keep your operation flowing.

Connectivity For Any Environment

Your operation may be outdoors, it may have tall cranes, it may even be in the middle of nowhere – that does not phase us. We have provided connectivity into some pretty hostile environments. This includes one of the UK’s largest seaports. We understand how to protect networks for transportation from the elements and provide coverage over vast areas.

Our experience enables us to fully understand your facility. We can design a wired and wireless network for transportation that connects every part of your operation. We can ensure that this provides the seamless flow of data to enable your operation to move at speed and drive greater efficiencies.

Sea Port Crane - connected to a WiFi network

Geolocation & Smart IoT Sensors

Ensign doesn’t just connect people with devices, we also connect things across your wireless network. We help you understand what is possible in utilising the vast array of IoT sensors available to collect data points across your operation and drive greater efficiencies.

By providing you with a low-latency network for transportation, you are able to leverage Geolocators. You can use these to track the movement of shipments through your facility. We can leverage IoT sensors to monitor environmental conditions, track plant and machinery, and provide real-time analytics into every aspect of your operation.

Shipping containers with GEP location locators ustilising secure networks for transportation

Delivering A Secure Wireless Network for Peel Ports

When it comes to complex environments to build Networks for Transportation, they do not come more hostile than a seaport. For Peel Ports we leveraged every aspect of our expertise and experience to design and deploy a wireless network across their two sites in Liverpool.

Within the port we connected everything from crane operators to geo-locators within containers. Our solutions enabled them to efficiently handle over 60 vessels per month.

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Delivering Actionable Insights For Your Transport And Logistics Operation

Ensign can help you to better understand every aspect of your operation and drive improvements in what is important to you. By leveraging the vast amount of data captured by your network, along with key data points from IoT and Location sensors, we are able to generate valuable insights.

By leveraging analytics and AI we are able to turn data into actionable intelligence. We can provide you with insights into the flow of goods through your operation, the utilisation of both human and physical assets, and identify areas where the greatest level of efficiencies is not being hit. We enable you to monetise your network, to reduce costs, drive process efficiency and improve productivity.

Networks for transportation and logistics - analytics

Resilience Through Proactive Monitoring

Ensign can provide transport and logistics operators with a fully managed service for their secure core-to-edge network. This enables them to reduce the risk of network failure and disruption to the smooth running of their operation.

Our network operations centre runs around the clock. Out team can proactively monitor every part of your network, to ensure that it is continually optimised for performance and delivers the highest level of uptime. We take care of the housekeeping, security monitoring and performance optimisation. This provides you with peace of mind, and enables you to focus on your logistics operation.

Network Operations Centre Monitoring Networks for Transportation

Why Choose Ensign To For Your Transportation & Logistics Network?

Ensign brings the unique experience of delivering highly secure and resilient networks for transport and logistics operators. We understand the critical nature of your business and the specific challenges of your environment.

We provide you with the secure and robust solution that your operation needs. Our team can also guide you in the art of the possible, enabling you to leverage technology advances in data capture devices and IoT to streamline your operation and deliver transformational business intelligence.