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WiFi Solutions, Secure Managed Networks & Operational Insights

Wired & Wireless Networks For Warehouses

Digitalisation is key for the warehouse and distribution sector to streamline and automate processes. This can help you to drive greater efficiencies and productivity. At the heart of digitalisation is the data networks for warehouse and distribution environments. This needs to be reliable, scalable and secure.

We help warehouse and distribution operators with their network design and with the deployment of wired and wireless networks across their facilities. We understand Warehouse WiFi, the critical nature of this infrastructure. Our team can help operators leverage the wealth of information captured, to understand operational performance and drive greater efficiencies.

Warehouse WiFi Solutions

Your warehouse WiFi is critical in keeping your people connected while they go about their picking and put away tasks throughout your facility. However, with narrow aisles and tall racks a warehouse presents some major challenges for a wireless network.

Our team has experience of such environments, meaning we know what to look for. We understand how to strategically place Wireless Access Points for Warehouses specifically, to deliver maximum coverage and resilience. Ensign’s Wireless Survey uncovers blind spots. Our Warehouse WiFi Design approach ensures you gain a WiFi Solution that performs, is resilient and ensures connectivity from every corner of your facility.

Networks for Warehouse

Secure Managed Networks For Warehouses

Your wireless network needs to be underpinned by a secure network that connects fixed stations and access points to your business-critical systems. This is your core network. The resilience and performance of this defines your operational performance.

We help you ensure that this network is always on and delivers what your end-users need. We proactively monitor your network, addressing security and continually optimising performance and capacity to ensure that every part of your operation is digitally connected.

Fixed terminal in a warehouse network

When Your Warehouse Is Busy, Can Your WiFi Cope?

When your warehouse is facing its peak of throughput the last thing you need if for your WiFi to fail.

We are experts at delivering WiFi for Warehouses. Here are three steps you can take right now to ensure that your Warehouse WiFi does not let you down.

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Actionable Insights Into Your Operation

Your wireless network connects your people as they go about their duties. Your network also collects a wealth of intelligence about how your operation is performing. We help you to unlock this to gain valuable and actionable insights.

Ensign are leading the way in applying AI and Analytics to the vast data being captured by your network to generate actionable insights. We can track and analyse the movement of trucks and people to identify improvements in work practices. We can employ IoT sensors throughout your operation, to help you manage the efficiency of your environment.

Business insights for Warehouses

Warehouse Data Capture Devices

We can help improve the productivity of your warehouse staff by the use of data capture devices, such as bar code scanners and handheld devices. Connected to your wireless network, these enable key data to be captured in every part of your warehouse. You can then use this information to direct tasks.

Ensign partner with the leading vendors of data capture devices, including Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell. These partnerships allows us to provide the most appropriate solution to our clients and deliver an end-to-end supported and managed solution.

Warehouse data capture devices

Why Choose Ensign For Your Warehouse & Distribution Network?

Ensign has extensive experience in providing core-to-edge network solutions to warehouse and logistics operators. We understand the nature of this business and the nuances of the environment in which you operate.

Our team are specialists in designing and deploying Wireless Networks in warehouse environments. We provide a secured managed network solution to cater for all your needs and delivering actionable insights that help drive the efficiency, productivity and resilience of your operation.