Network Security

Network Security

keeping your people, your data and your assets safe and secure

In order to mitigate network risk and potential vulnerabilities, knowing which users and which devices are connected to you network is business critical. World leading cybersecurity researcher ‘Cybersecurity Ventures’ estimate that cybercrime will cost businesses £4.6billion by 2021, with
many businesses struggling to ever recover from some types of cyberattack.

The need to secure your business and its assets has never been more important, with continuous increases in the aggression and complexity of security breaches, from phishing and spamming through to more sinister attacks such as ransomware, viruses, denial of service and data leakage.

Ensign offer a suite of network security solutions, protecting your business from the perimeter, to the core, right through to the endpoint devices connecting to your network. Our best in class security will protect your business from vulnerabilities and unwanted attacks, saving 
on time and money by engaging Ensign as a single proven partner for all your security needs. Our solutions are designed with security and resiliency at the heart, allowing you to focus on your day to day activity with peace of mind. We have a proven track record of excellence
in the design, deployment, management and support of network security solutions, spanning over 30 years.

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The security of your business starts with your firewall solution. Legacy security systems are no longer able to support the modern business, and now is the time to enhance your security to 'prevention-based architectures' designed to evolve with your business. Ensign provide a range of industry leading
next-generation firewalls, in partnership with the industries most innovative vendors.

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User Authentication
Policy & Access

Investing in a policy management platform enables your business to effortlessly onboard new devices, allowing 
varying user access levels, keeping your network secure. You can safely connect both business and personal
devices to your network in compliance with your security policies. The growing number of IP enabled corporate
devices in your workplace puts unnecessary pressures on your IT department.

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Network Access Control
Endpoint Security


Threats have evolved into automated, targeted, and sophisticated attacks that can bypass traditional endpoint protection solutions, forcing businesses to deploy multiple security solutions to maintain network security. Our powerful endpoint protection solution provides you with a single solution to safeguard your business, preventing attacks including malware, exploits and ransomware before they compromise your endpoints, including endpoint protection if you are online or offline.

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Advanced Security


As the types and complexities of cyber-attacks evolve at pace, the need for a solution that self learns can take your network security
to another level. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Ensign offer a range of solutions designed to detect and respond to
threats, where existing legacy systems simply cannot.

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Investing heavily in new distribution, logistics and staffing initiatives, Sainsbury's approached Ensign to provide wireless LAN infrastructures to hundreds of Sainsbury’s stores across the British Isles.

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In order to meet increasing product demand, JLR’s UK parts distribution operation was moved to Liverpool, with plans to operate out of a new 400,000 sq ft site on the Phoenix Industrial Estate at Ellesmere Port.

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