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Network Policy and Access Challenges

Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices have blurred the traditional security landscape. As more devices pour into our places of work, vulnerabilities, and the potential for increased volumes of security breaches are increasing. With every employee now using at least 3 network reliant devices, the IT and Operational burden has become a major challenge. Ensign's Secure Policy and Access offers your business a resolution. 

Secure Policy and Access Benefits

•    Identify, Enforce, Protect
•    Real-Time Visibility of Networked Users & Devices
•    Dynamic Segmentation
•    Automated Device Provisioning for Secure BYOD
•    Role Based Policy Rules & Enforcement
•    ‘Always On’ Threat Remediation



Network Policy and Access Concerns

•    Understanding what is on the network
•    Heightening risk & vulnerability from BYOD & IoT
•    Time lost in segmenting user groups
•    Scaling & Future-Proofing Network Access systems
•    Integrating Network Access with other systems

Secure Policy and Access Success Stories

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Secure Policy and Access

powered by Ensign

Identifying the users and the devices connecting to your network is the very first step to securing your business, its data, and its integrity. In partnership with market leaders Aruba, Ensign’s Secure Policy & Access Solution uses automated application of wired and wireless policy

enforcement which ensures only authorised and authenticated users and devices are able to connect to your network, maintaining your network control and reducing the threats and vulnerabilities which cause down time and cost you money

Secure Policy Assets

Cyber Security Statistics

Understand more about Cyber Breaches and how they impact business operations

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Secure Policy & Access Overview

Learn More about Ensign’s Secure Policy & Access Solution, and how your business can enhance its security defences against the unknown

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Build Your Own Secure Policy and Access

Visibility & Analytics

Pro-actively fingerprint, identify and classify all IP connected devices on your network, allowing informed security decision making


Enterprise AAA (Authenticate, Authorise, Account) role-based solution enabling dynamic implementation of security policies across wired and wireless

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Intelligent LAN Switches and dynamic segmentation utilising 802.1x security mechanisms meaning the network can evolve to your changing needs

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Visibility & Analysis

Secure Device Insight

Vendor agnostic solution to pro-actively fingerprint, identify and classify all IP connected devices on a network. ClearPass Device Insight (CPDI) can provide complete visibility of known and unknown devices allowing manual security decisions to be made. Working in co-ordination with ClearPass Policy Manager, CPDI is a powerful tool allowing for automation of policy enforcement based on the findings


Policy Manager
With ClearPass Policy Manager, from Aruba, you can segment and control different classes of users, devices, and data, including office based or remote workers, ensuring critical data is fully protected and only known users and devices can connect to your network

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Network Switches

High performance, feature rich Aruba Network Switch infrastructure, designed with pro-active machine learning for intuitive optimisation, with the highest levels of performance and resiliency

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