Analyse & Monetise

Analyse & Monetise

Unlocking The Wealth of Intelligence Across Your Network

Data Analytics & Insights

Ensign can enable you to unlock the wealth of intelligence captured by your network. We leverage AI and analytics to gain actionable insights into work practices, operational performance and customer trends and behaviour.

We work with you to understand what is important to your organisation. Our team can ensure that all data points are being captured, whether that be customer engagement with your Guest WiFi to provide you with accurate Guest WiFi analytics, or environmental and operational data being captured by IoT devices. We then apply analytical tools, AI and ML, to turn this data into true business intelligence that monetises your network and delivers significant value to your operation.

Business Intelligence

You want to better understand the strategic aspects of your business to help drive greater efficiencies and productivity across every area of your operation. We help you to understand what data points are being captured, and could be captured, by your network.

We then help you to apply analytical tools and AI to turn these data points into intelligence. This way you gain better understanding of the utilisation of your facility, the digital flow of processes across your organisation and the factors that are driving productivity. We enable you to increase productivity, reduce cost, meet regulatory requirements, address sustainability issues and reduce business risk.

Business intelligence used in a manufacturing plant

Smart IoT Buildings

You want to intelligently automate the management of your facilities and drive greater control over key environmental and risk factors. We enable you to utilise the data that can be captured from your WiFi and IoT sensors to monitor and automate every aspect of your smart buildings.

We work with you to create Smart IoT Buildings that can automatically control heating and power. You can monitor environmental factors, such as air quality; reduce risk, through intelligent intrusion and fire prevention. In addition a Smart IoT building provides significant intelligence around facility utilisation, equipment location and asset utilisation.

Smart building control panel

Want To Understand What Intelligence You Can Unlock?

We provide a comprehensive assessment that drills down on the data points captured by your network. It then uncovers how these can be used to deliver valuable business intelligence for your organisation.

To start your journey, simply provide us with your details and we will connect you to one of our specialists.

Customer Insights

You provide your customers with Guest WiFi services, we help you to leverage the Guest WiFi analytics. This can help you to gain actionable insights into customer preferences and behaviours, to enable you to deliver personalised marketing.

By taking the time to understand what is important to you, we turn your Guest WiFi into a valuable part of your Customer Experience strategy. We leverage the network, to track customers’ movement around your facility; understand where they dwell, to understand what interests them; and leverage smart Guest WiFi portals to engage with them and, where appropriate, market to them.

Customer using Guest Wifi for their mobile device

How We Turn Data Into Intelligence

In the digital world, the network captures everything, the value that Ensign brings is enabling you to turn this data into true actionable intelligence.

Focusing On What Is Important To You 

Our team takes the time to truly understand your business and what is important to you: if we understand what makes your business tick, we can unlock the data that will enable it to perform even better. 

Capturing All The Data Points 

We understand what is possible, what the network can capture, the plethora of IoT sensors that can be deployed and the best way to engage with customers through a Guest WiFi. This creates the right foundation, collecting the data that will generate intelligence. 

Experts In AI & Analytics 

Our team understands how to apply analytics and AI, to turn data into business intelligence. We have a vast range of tools at our disposal to capture, transpose and analyse a wide range of data points and deliver true intelligence. 

Monetising Intelligence 

To us true business intelligence is that which you can monetise; understanding current operations, to improve efficiencies and performance; automating facility management, to reduce cost and improve utilisation; and better understanding customers, to increase lifetime value and loyalty.