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Comprehensive Network Assessment & WiFi Health Check

How To Assess Network Performance

Your IT infrastructure has evolved over time and so too has the needs of your organisation. This often leads to a divergence of alignment, gaps in what your business and end-users need and what your IT infrastructure delivers.

It is prudent to take a periodic step back – to assess your environment, not only in terms of a network assessment health check, but also to recalibrate what you deliver in line with what end-users need. This is the specific objective of our Discover and Assess services that includes the Ensign Smart Assessment.

Business Needs
Network Assessment

We strongly recommend conducting a comprehensive and holistic discovery that takes into account your core to edge network. This starts by ensuring you have clear objectives and outcomes defined for you IT environment both for what you have in place now and your roadmap for the future.

Our Smart Assessment then reviews each element of your IT Infrastructure against these objectives from core network through to edge devices, assessing your security posture, your operations management and reviewing the insights you are generating, from network performance through to business intelligence.

Holistic approach to network assessment

Network Assessment Health Check

It is not always appropriate to perform a complete holistic assessment; there may be more pressing issues that need to be addressed immediately, such as network performance, security vulnerabilities or cost control.

In such cases, we tailor our Smart Assessment to drill down on your immediate pain points. We still leverage our proven approach, but focus our attention on the health check of your wired and wireless network, meticulously assessing your current issues and identifying the root cause of issues, and recommending remedial action.

Network health check

Interested In An Ensign Smart Assessment?

Our Smart Assessment can quickly uncover the issues in your current network infrastructure and immediately help you to remediate root causes and optimise your network for better performance.

If you are interested in finding out more or want to book a Smart Assessment, simply provide us with some details and one of our specialists will contact you.

Ensign Smart Network Assessment

We have a proven approach to our Smart Network Assessment that enables us to review every perspective of your IT infrastructure and provide you with clear and comprehensive guidance.

Business Needs

Understanding the priorities and needs of your business and the role that your IT Infrastructure plays in delivering this.

  • Desired Outcomes For IT, Business, End-Users

Core Network (LAN/WAN)

We drill down on the topology of your core network, assessing its performance against the demands being placed on it.

  • Network Traffic (understanding source & destination)
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Cost/Performance

Wireless Access

Reviewing your wireless infrastructure in terms of reliability, coverage and performance and assessing whether this is meeting business needs.

  • Wireless Coverage & Wireless Performance Assessment
  • Traffic & Capacity Analysis

Edge Devices

Understanding the devices connected to your network, the capability they provide and their appropriateness to requirements.

  • End-Point Audit & Assessment
  • Performance Analysis


Performing a holistic review of your security posture and the risk management that you have in place.

  • Access Management
  • Perimeter Security & Advanced Threat Protection
  • Vulnerability Management

Operations Management

Reviewing the processes, procedures, tooling and resources that you have in place to effectively manage your IT infrastructure.

  • Change Control
  • Patch Management
  • Asset & Lifecycle Management

Performance Insights

Assessing the tools and procedures you have in place for monitoring and optimising the performance of your network.

  • Network Performance Management
  • Optimisation & Automation

Business Intelligence

Reviewing how you are leveraging the wealth of data traversing your network, to deliver key business intelligence on operational performance and customer behaviour.

  • Audit of Data Traversing Your Network
  • Alignment of Insights to Business Needs

The Value Of Our Smart Network Assessment

The key objective of our Smart Assessment is to provide you with a complete picture of your IT infrastructure and deliver clear guidance focused on what is important to you.


Clear understanding of the performance of your infrastructure and how this can be better optimised.


Identifying any areas where you can better control the costs of your infrastructure.


A review of the operational and security risks that currently exists and how these can be addressed.


A clear road map of how to optimise and evolve your network infrastructure to address business, performance and security requirements.