Secure & Manage

Secure Managed Network

Secure & Manage your Core-to-Edge Network

Securing & Managing Your Network

As you continually digitalise your business, the network has become a critical part of your infrastructure, connecting end-users to the data and systems they need, and connecting you to your customers.

We ensure that your core network and WiFi reliably delivers what your business needs requires. This is more than just a reactive support agreement. It requires your network to be proactively monitored and managed. We will ensure continuous optimisation, to address issues before they affect your business, and reduce risk from potential cyber attacks.

Proactive Network Monitoring & Optimisation

Our network operations centre can provide you with round-the-clock monitoring of your network. We use advanced analytical tools to continually assess the performance of your network, responding to changing demands and leveraging our expertise to optimise you network for maximum performance.

Your network can be managed against clear service level agreements (SLAs) that focus on maximising uptime, optimising performance and ensuring your network remains aligned to business needs. Ensign will work with you to drive continual service improvement. We also help you forward plan capacity to ensure your network infrastructure evolves to meet end-user requirements.

Network monitoring

Security Monitoring & Optimisation

Ensign can either provide you with a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or work alongside your CISO to ensure that your network is secure against the relevant risks to your business. We continually assess your security posture, conduct independent penetration testing and meticulous security audits.

Our experienced team provides a comprehensive network security monitoring and optimisation service. This allows you to proactively detect breaches and anomalies on your network, applying relevant security patches and managing incidents through detection, isolation and mitigation. We help you reduce risk, address compliance issues, and avoid downtime from security incidents and breaches.

Security Monitoring and Optimisation

Want To Know More About Our Managed Services?

Ensign provides a comprehensive range of network and security managed services that we tailor to the specific needs of our clients. If you are interested in understanding more about how we can help your organisation, we would be happy to discuss this.

Simply provide us with your details and we will connect you to one of our specialists.

Network Maintenance & Support

We provide a comprehensive range of network maintenance and network support services, including SLAs that are aligned to the needs of your organisation and that provide you with the hours of coverage you require, including 24×7.

Ensign provides that single point of call for your core-to-edge network. We have a team of network experts that are able to quickly identify and address issues, resolve these directly or coordinate and expedite action from relevant vendors. We also believe in being proactive and the team continually monitor your environment to identify and address issues immediately.

Network support

Why Ensign For Your Secure Managed Network?

We secure and manage some of the UK’s most critical networks and ensure that our clients remain connected and secure.

Instant Access To Experts 

We remove the frustration of a laborious triage process. We do this by connecting you directly to a specialist who is not only a secure network expert but fully understands your IT infrastructure. 

Proactive & Responsive 

We are not just there when things go wrong. We proactively monitor your infrastructure around the clock, continually optimising and address issues before they affect your business. 

Your SLAs, Your Hours 

We offer the flexibility to tailor our managed services to your specific needs, with Service Level Agreements that are aligned to your business risk and providing services during the hours that your operation works. 

Continuous Service Improvement 

We pride ourselves on the service we provide and offer thorough service account management. This provides you with the visibility of incidents, performance, and proactively focuses on service improvement.