Home Working is here to stay

Keeping your employees mobilised and productive has never been more important than it is today. Our home working technology provides a simple solution for every business, regardless of size. We can ensure that should you need to quickly and easily deploy your teams from home or remote locations, they will be able to instantly access all of the tools they require to perform their roles, without the stress of technical set-up, troubleshooting and spilled-coffee.

Aruba RAP

When you need to work from home or access the corporate network from a temporary site, our remote working solution makes life easy.

Our Aruba remote access points are automatically configured so your employees can just plug into any IP connection and they’re up and running immediately. No fuss, no connection issues, no IT support required. 

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Did you know you could be losing a whole day of productivity, per employee, per month, due to poor network connectivity? 

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The perfect Home Worker Solution, enabling you to work from home when life demands it, and ensuring critical business continuity.  

With Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), it really is a plug and play solution. Ensign can ship your remote access points directly to your home workers, ensuring they're online and operational as soon as possible. With our simple home working solutions your IT teams can quickly and securely extend your corporate enterprise network at a lower cost.

Genuine Plug & Play

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Featuring built-in diagnostics | Simple for any employee to get online

Automatic Software Updates | Manual Update Eliminated

Maximise employee productivity | Empower you IT department

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Benefits Include

Seamless Application Access | Resilient WAN Connectivity

Always-on Connectivity | WAN Independent

Zero-Touch Provisioning | Wired and Wireless Security

Highly Scalable Solution | Regulatory Compliance

Centralised Management

Home Worker Management Platform

Many businesses have neither the resources nor the time to properly manage their home worker solutions. Ensign provides a simple and safe solution in the form of Aruba's Central network management platform.

The platform supports all Aruba solutions across your corporate network, no matter where they are based. Central's cloud-native orchestration means that IT can quickly enable and scale access services where they are needed most.

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Aruba Central RAP

The Office Experience at Home

What do you need to consider to ensure a secure and resilient experience while working from home?

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Guest Blog

Remote Access Points: Network Beyond the Corporate Campus

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