Solutions for secure and managed business networks 

Wired and Wireless Networks

We enable you to connect the unconnected – whether that be your people, your devices, or your customers. We do this by designing and deploying a wireless infrastructure that is aligned to what your end-users need, provides maximum coverage and is secure by design. 

Our expertise spans different environments, from shops to restaurants, from offices to warehouses, and from manufacturing plants to busy seaports. We provide internal wireless networks, guest WiFi, location services and a vast array of AI powered tools to enable you to turn network data into valuable business and customer insights.  

Campus and Branch Networks

Your IT infrastructure evolves over time and so too does the needs and requirements of your business. This often leads to a divergence of alignment, gaps in what your business needs and what you core-to-edge network delivers.  

Ensign helps you to align your network topology to the needs of your business and the demands of your end-users. We help you put in place a scalable and reliable network that is secure by design.  

Wide Area Networks

We help you to connect every part of your organisation, your regional offices, branches and outlets to your head office, your remote workers to your core network, and everyone to the hybrid clouds you have adopted. 

The Wide Area Network is critical to your business, it has to perform, be resilient and secure. We help you design a WAN that is aligned to your business needs, leverages the latest SD-WAN technologies and connectivity, that delivers the best possible, cost effective performance. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is all about utilising the vast array of sensors available to collect data and connect these to your network, to leverage this data in real-time. You may be looking to intelligently manage your infrastructure, your environment, or aspects of your operation, IoT makes this possible. 

Ensign is leading the way in helping organisations to embrace the Internet of Things, connecting sensors to networks and deploying rich analytics solutions to provide insights into operational performance, enable digital workflows, reduce heating and power costs and enable greater sustainability. 

Security & Access Management

Cyber-threats and information-security poses a significant risk to every business. Your wired and wireless network presents a significant attack surface area to cyber criminals. You need to take every step possible to block malicious attacks, prevent unauthorised access and to quickly detect and remediate any anomalies on your network. 

Ensign are specialists in secure networking. We help you to protect your infrastructure from core-to-edge putting in place the technology to reduce the risk of attacks and to proactively monitor your environment to quickly detect, isolate and remediate malicious activity. 

Data Capture Devices

You are looking to streamline the digital flow of data across your organisation. Critical to this is being able to automate the capture of data at critical points in your operation: scanning bar codes as goods are received, recoding location of stock in your warehouse, and capturing data at point of sale. 

We not only provide you with the secure and resilient network to flow this data, but also offer a vast range of data capture devices from the market leading vendors, providing you with a fully managed and supported end-to-end solution. 

Business Intelligence

We help organisations unlock their business intelligence and customer insights captured by their network. We then can use this to increase productivity, reduce risk and deliver the best possible experience to their customers. 

We leverage AI and Analytics to mine the data captured by your internal network and your Guest WiFi, and turn this into true business intelligence. You gain an understanding of your digital workflows, workforce productivity and the preferences and behaviours of your customers.