Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Customer Insights

Increase Performance, Productivity & Understanding Of Your Customers 

Business Intelligence & Customer Analytics

Ensign help organisations unlock business intelligence and customer insights captured by their network. We then can use this to increase productivity, reduce risk and deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

We leverage AI and Analytics to mine the data captured by your internal network and your Guest WiFi. This can be turned into true business intelligence. You gain an understanding of your digital workflows, workforce productivity and the preferences and behaviours of your customers.

Customer Insights

You provide your customers with a Guest WiFi service. However, do you monetise this by capturing, analysing and acting on the vast intelligence available?

Ensign can help you turn your Guest WiFi into a valuable source of customer insights. We improve the experience by providing a smart and intuitive portal to users. You can then use location services to track the frequency of visits, the flow around your facility, and dwell time at different points. This data analysis enables you to better understand your customers. It also helps you to collect key marketing data, to analyse and improve the customer experience.

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How We Help 

  • Guest WiFi Portals 
  • Customer Behavioural Analytics 
  • Visitor Footfall & Dwell Time Analytics 
  • Customer Preference Capture 
Wide Area Network Connectivity & Data Circuits

Business Process Intelligence

Your business applications capture transactional data, and your network captures the flow of this data. This is critical to truly understand business processes and operational performance.

Ensign will work with you to understand what is important to your business and what data is being captured and tracked across your network. We then leverage our AI and Analytical tools to unlock this data and turn it into true business intelligence. You can then analyse the movement of staff around your warehouse, the progression of each step of your production process, and the digital flow of transactions across your systems. All of this network analysis enables you to streamline processes, drive up productivity, meet regulatory compliance and reduce overall cost.

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How We Help 

  • Analytics & AI 
  • Digital Process Analysis 
  • Workforce Tracking 
  • Production Line Monitoring 

Looking For True Business Intelligence?

Is it time you monetise your network and unlock the rich business intelligence being captured? Let us help you explore the possibilities, and share what we are doing for similar organisations to transform their operations.

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Facilities Insights

Ensign can enable you to analyse what is connected to your network. We also provide you with the opportunity to connect more things to your network and build greater insights into your operation and facility utilisation.

By combining our experience in IoT with our expertise in Analytics and AI, we help you to understand what is key for you. We can monitor your facility. This can give you key insights into power consumption, heating, air quality and many more aspects. You can monitor and track key equipment – providing insights into usage and availability. We can also help you track occupancy and the movement of people around your facilities.

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How We Help 

  • Environmental Analytics 
  • Power Consumption Analytics 
  • Equipment Tracking 
  • Occupancy Analysis 

Why Ensign For Network Analytics & Customer Insights?

As experts in secure networking, we are perfectly positioned to help our customers to monetise their network. We can deliver key business intelligence and customer insights, that continually improves your operation.

Ensign understands how to capture data but, more importantly, how to apply AI and analytical tools to turn this data into actionable insights. We take the time to discover what is important to you and leverage our experience in how we capture, analyse and deliver the intelligence you need.