Campus & Branch Networks

Campus Networks & Branch Networks

Switching, Performance Management & Centralised Control 

Business Aligned Campus & Branch Networks

Your IT infrastructure evolves over time and so too does the needs of your business. This often leads to gaps in what your business needs and what you core-to-edge network delivers. Ensign helps you to align your network topology to the needs of your business and the demands of your end-users. We help you put in place scalable and reliable campus and branch networks that are secure by design.

Core Network Switching

Different parts of your business require different types of switching fabric, ranging from your data centre and head office, through to your regional offices, branches or outlets. 

We take the time to understand your holistic core-to-edge infrastructure and then architect a scalable and modular network topology. We ensure this design delivers what the business needs today while providing the agility and scalability for the future. Our expertise enables us to configure your network environment and deliver the tools to provide greater control and visibility.

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How We Help

  • Expert Network Architects 
  • Market Leading Data Centre, Campus & Branch Switching 
  • Network Deployment, Refresh and Transition 
  • Configuration & Management of Your Network

Network Performance Analytics

Your network is mission critical. As such, it needs to be proactively monitored and optimised to deliver resilience and the best possible experience to end-users.

At Ensign, we have considerable experience monitoring and managing network infrastructure, from the complex to the simple. We can help you implement the applications to deliver end-to-end visibility of your network. Our solutions can also provide analytics that provide you with key insights into network usage, capacity and performance, ensuring you can continuously align your network to evolving needs.

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How We Help 

  • Holistic Core-to-Edge Visibility 
  • Capacity Monitoring & Planning 
  • Performance Monitoring of Your Network
  • Network Performance Management 

Book A Smart Network Assessment

We help organisations to review their existing network environment with our Smart Assessment. This assessment aims to align your network infrastructure to the needs of your business and end-users.

To find out more about how we can help you in this area, simply provide us with your details and we will connect you with one of our specialists.

Centralised Network Management

When your network spans multiple locations, such as regional offices, logistics facilities or outlets, then configuring, maintaining and managing your network can be a challenge. We remove the need to send people to site by enabling you to centrally control and manage every part of your network infrastructure.

We provide cloud network management applications that overlays onto your network infrastructure. This provides full visibility and control from any location. You can view the status of any device and drill down to the port level. You can also recycle switches, ports or even network powered devices and perform all the configuration tasks you would be able to do on site.

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How We Help 

  • Cloud Managed Network Management 
  • Location Specific Network Visibility
  • Remote Installation & Configuration 
  • Remote Diagnostics 

Why Choose Ensign For Your Campus & Branch Networks?

Ensign are experts in networking and work with the market leading vendors to deliver core-to-edge network infrastructure for our clients. We take the time to understand your specific requirements, what you need today, and what you are likely to need tomorrow.

Our team will work with you to design and deploy the right solution for you ensuring it’s secure by design, and provide you with a fully managed service to ensure your network continues to deliver against the requirements of your business and the needs of your end-users.