Security & Access Management

Security & Access Management

Firewalls, Network Access Control, Proactive Cyber Security Monitoring 

Securing The Wired And Wireless Network

Cyber threats and information security issues pose a significant risk to every business. Your wired and wireless network presents a significant attack surface area to cybercriminals. You need to take every step possible to block malicious attacks, prevent unauthorised access and quickly detect and remediate any anomalies on your network.

Ensign are specialists in cyber security. We help you to protect your infrastructure from core-to-edge. We do this by putting in place the technology to reduce the risk of attacks and to proactively monitor your environment to quickly detect, isolate and remediate malicious activity.

Next Generation Firewalls

Your IT environment spans multiple locations, different on-premise systems and a multitude of clouds. The challenge is to protect your network at each of these points to prevent malware, ransomware attacks and data exfiltration.

At Ensign, we work with the leading cyber security vendors to provide our customers with on-premises and cloud-based next generation firewalls to protect each element of their infrastructure. We help you protect your public and private cloud environments, your head office campus, your branches, regional offices, outlets and even your home workers.

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  • Next Generation Firewalls 
  • Head Office Firewalls 
  • Cloud Firewalls 
  • Branch Firewalls 
  • Central Control & Management 

Network Access Control

As the perimeter of your network expands, firewalls can only go so far as to prevent malicious and unauthorised access. We believe that organisations need to protect their perimeter and the very edge of their network. By adopting a zero-trust approach to cyber security, you can ensure that every part of your environment is protected and apply your security policy at the point of access.

We enable you to fully control access through market-leading Network Access Control solutions. These take a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach to allow the zero-trust network. You centrally define your cyber security policies. These are then propagated across your network enabling you to define access and trust based on user, location, device, and time of day. This significantly reduces risk, provides far greater control and unprecedented visibility.

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  • Network Access Control 
  • Zero-Trust Network 
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) 
  • Network Access Visibility 

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The greatest risk of all is not understanding the cyber security risks you face and the vulnerabilities across your network. As part of our Smart Assessment, we take a look at the security posture of your environment. We identify areas of risk and provide clear guidance on what steps can be taken. 

To find out more about our Smart Assessment, simply provide us with your details and we will connect you with one of our specialists.

Cyber Security Monitoring & Advanced Protection

You can reduce the risk of cyber attacks and unauthorised access. However, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and persistent. There is no complete protection against potential attacks. You should remain vigilant in case your security is breached.

That is why you should be utilising your network as a sensor, to continually monitor your environment for malicious activity. Ensign provides a proactive network security monitoring service, where we utilise leading technology to continually scan your network for anomalies. By utilising these tools, we can build a profile of normal activities and then utilise contextual analyse and advanced threat protection to quickly identify, isolate and remediate potential malicious activity.

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  • Proactive Security Monitoring 
  • Advanced Threat Protection 
  • Network Anomaly Detection 

Why Ensign For Your Network Security?

For over 35 years we have been delivering secure management networks for our customers. We combine expertise in both networking and security which perfectly positions us to create wired and wireless network environments that are secure by design and reduce risk from core-to-edge.

We complement the leading security technology, that we provide with a comprehensive range of managed security services. This helps you to continually assess risks, identify and remediate vulnerabilities and monitor your environment around the clock to detect and address cyber attacks.