Data Capture Devices

Data Capture Devices

Bar Code Scanners, Hand-Held Data Devices, Data Terminals 

Data Capture Devices 

You are looking to streamline the digital flow of data across your organisation. Critical to this is being able to automate the capture of data at critical points in your operation: scanning bar codes as goods are received, recoding the location of stock in your warehouse, and capturing data at point of sale. 

We not only provide you with the secure and resilient network to flow this data but also offer a vast range of data capture devices from the market-leading vendors, providing you with a fully managed and supported end-to-end solution. 

Bar Code Scanners 

Bar codes are the simplest way to quickly capture data and digitally flow this into your systems. We work with market-leading vendors to provide the appropriate bar code scanners to meet the needs of our customers. We can provide you with handheld data capture devices, ruggedised devices and also scanners that are an integral part of your point of sale.

By providing this as part of your managed network we give you the peace of mind of a turnkey solution, capturing and flowing data to improve productivity, streamlining processes and reducing business risk. 

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  • Hand-Held Bar Code Scanners 
  • Ruggedised Bar Code Scanners 
  • Point of Sale Scanners 

Hand-Held Devices 

Your wireless network provides your workforce with the mobility they need. We take this one step further by equipping them with hand-held data capture devices to deliver the data they need, wherever they need it. 

We provide and connect devices in cranes, in forklift trucks, and provide a wide range of market-leading hand-held devices that ensure that every part of your operation is connected. By seamlessly flowing data around your organisation, we can help you drive greater efficiencies, improve workforce productivity and ultimately reduce cost. 

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  • Hand-Held Devices 
  • Ruggedised Data Terminals 
  • Wireless Data Terminals 

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Looking to introduce data capture devices, or refresh the technology that you are currently using? Let us share what is available to you and the devices we have deployed with organisations similar to you. 

Simply provide us with your details and we will connect you with one of our specialists. 

Why Ensign For Data Capture?

Ensign has considerable experience helping customers across transport and logistics, warehouse and distribution, and retail. We recognise the importance of data capture devices in streamlining processes and driving productivity.

Our partnerships with market-leading vendors enables us to offer the most appropriate range of devices for your specific needs. Our networking expertise ensures we seamlessly connect these to your network and deliver you an end-to-end turnkey solution.