Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

SD-WANManaged WAN & WAN Connectivity Circuits 

Secure, Managed, Wide Area Networks

We help you to connect every part of your organisation. This can include connecting your regional offices, branches and outlets to your head office; your remote workers to your core network and everyone to the hybrid clouds you have adopted.

The Wide Area Network (WAN) is critical to your business. It has to perform, be resilient and secure. Ensign can help you design a WAN aligned with your business needs. We will ensure that it leverages the latest SD-WAN technologies and connectivity, thus, delivering the best possible and cost-effective performance.

Core Network

WAN Design

You may have an ageing Wide Area Network infrastructure. You might be utilising a provider that is not delivering the service you require. Or simply, the needs of your business may have evolved and your current WAN infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose.

We help you to clearly map out your WAN requirements. Is more traffic now going to cloud locations, rather than your central location? How do the needs of each location differ? What type of traffic and latency needs to be supported?

We design a WAN topology for your specific needs. This provides you with the control and management you require. It also delivers the bandwidth and performance for your end-users.

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How We Help 

  • WAN Assessment 
  • WAN Design & Architecture 
  • Connectivity Specification 
  • WAN Cost Assessment 
  • WAN Versus SD-WAN Evaluation 


As you continue your journey to the cloud, more and more WAN traffic is destined for your hybrid cloud, rather than on-premises systems in central locations. For example, back-hauling all traffic to the head office is no longer the most cost-effective or efficient WAN topology.

We help you evaluate and embrace SD-WAN technology allowing you to intelligently route traffic at each location, based on the target destination of each request. With SD-WAN, you can reduce the amount of expensive fixed circuits required to connect branches to a central hub and make use of more cost-effective direct internet access circuits, to connect end-users to cloud services. We not only reduce WAN costs, we also increase resilience and improve the end-user experience.

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How We Help 

  • SD-WAN Assessment 
  • Resilient WAN Infrastructure 
  • Best In Class SD-WAN Solutions 
  • Fully Managed SD-WAN Services 

Assess Your Existing WAN

Do you have any concerns about your current WAN infrastructure, or are you considering moving to SD-WAN? If yes, then the best approach is to take our Smart Assessment.

This will evaluate your current infrastructure against your business needs and provide you with clarity on your options moving forward.

To find out more about how we can help you in this area, simply provide us with your details and we will connect you with one of our specialists. 

Wide Area Network Connectivity & Data Circuits

WAN Connectivity & Data Circuits

At Ensign, we don’t just provide you with the controlling infrastructure for your WAN. We can provide, support, and manage all of the connectivity that you require. Through partnerships with major network providers, we can find the most appropriate service for you. Our solutions deliver performance, resilience, and the best possible price plans.

Ensign are experts in every form of connectivity, from direct internet access to fully managed MPLS networks delivered over Fibre-based Ethernet. We take the time to understand your needs fully, define the connectivity best aligned to your requirements. We can then provide you with that all-important end-to-end support.

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How We Help 

  • Connectivity Assessment 
  • Connectivity Design & Specification 
  • WAN Circuits including xDSL & Ethernet 
  • SIP Circuits 
  • Fully Managed WAN 
Fully Managed WAN & SD-WAN

Fully Managed WAN & SD-WAN

Ensign provide a large range of managed services to take care of every aspect of your Wide Area Network. We can provide you with a turnkey solution to connect every part of your organisation. Also, we can ensure that it continually delivers the best possible service through thorough monitoring and management.

As Wide Area Networks increase in complexity, having a partner who is able to manage the end-to-end service delivery is key. Ensign does this for you. We take responsibility for the WAN or SD-WAN management layer and the underlying connectivity circuits that flows data around your organisation. From our network operations centre, we proactively monitor performance around the clock and we can ensure your WAN delivers against the needs of your business and the expectation of your end-users.

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How We Help 

  • End-to-End WAN Management 
  • Proactive Performance Monitoring 
  • Continual Price/Performance Analysis 
  • On-Hand Technical Expertise 

Why Choose Ensign For WAN or SD-WAN?

Ensign are specialists in Wide Area Networks. We understand the critical nature of your infrastructure and the importance of designing, deploying and supporting a WAN or SD-WAN environment that is aligned to your needs.

We work with the market-leading vendors in WAN and SD-WAN technology, secure your network by design, and are agnostic towards network providers to enable us to deliver the best possible solution for your needs