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Wireless Networks & Guest WiFi

Secure, Reliable & Centrally Managed Wireless Access

Resilient, Secure & Scalable WiFi Networks

We enable you to connect the unconnected. Whether that be your people, your devices, or your customers. We do this by designing and deploying wireless networks that are aligned to what your end-users need. These networks provide maximum coverage and are secure by design.

Our expertise spans different environments, from shops to restaurants, offices to warehouses, and from manufacturing plants to busy seaports. We provide internal wireless networks, guest WiFi, location services and a vast array of AI powered tools. As a result, you can turn wireless network data into valuable business and customer insights.

Wireless Networks

Wireless Access Points

The Wireless Access Points (APs) you deploy and where you place them is critical to the performance of your network. This is where our experience kicks in, having deployed solutions into virtually every type of environment. We can assess what you need and guide you in terms of the right technology and how to deploy it.

We plan your coverage, place APs to avoid interference, ensure resilience, and optimise your wireless infrastructure. This ensures we deliver the best possible end-user experience.

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How We Help

  • Market Leading Wireless Access Points 
  • Support Indoor & Outdoor Deployment 
  • Support WiFi 5, WiFi 6 and earlier compatibility 
  • Perform Full Wireless Survey  
  • Cloud Management Portal 
  • Comprehensive Support & Managed Services 
Gateways & Controllers

Gateways & Controllers

We connect your Wireless Access Points with a range of modular and scalable gateways and controllers that best suit your environment and to the traffic flowing across your wireless network.

For large campuses we provide a range of high-capacity wireless network controllers. For smaller campuses and branches we provide either smaller controller devices or leverage SD-WAN gateways. These solutions will connect your wireless network to your virtualised corporate network.

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How We Help

  • Market Leading Wireless Controllers & Gateways 
  • Scale from Large Campus to Small Branch 
  • Ensign Architected Network Topology 
  • Secure By Design 
  • Cloud Management Portal 
  • Available as a Fully Managed Services 

Delivering A Secure Wireless Infrastructure For Peel Ports

When it comes to complex environments, they do no come more hostile than a seaport. For Peel Ports we leveraged every aspect of our expertise and experience to design and deploy a wireless network across their two sites in Liverpool.

Within the port we connected everything from crane operators to geo-locators attached to containers. This enabled them to efficiently handle over 60 vessels per month.

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Centralised Wireless Network Management

Centralised Network Management

You are likely to be supporting a wireless network that spans many locations and sites that have no on-site IT resource. Therefore, you want to have central control over your wireless network, visibility of every location, and a way to configure and optimise your network infrastructure remotely.

We enable you to do this with a comprehensive, cloud hosted, network management portal. This provides unprecedented visibility across your core-to-edge network, and the ability to configure appliances and proactively optimise your network.

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How We Help

  • Market Leading Aruba Central Portal 
  • Full Visibility into your Core to Edge Network 
  • Ability to Remotely Configure & Optimise 
  • Supported by Managed Services
Guest WiFi

Guest WiFi

Regardless of whether your location is a retail outlet or a commercial office, today’s visitors expect to be able to access a Guest WiFi Service.

Ensign provides you with a comprehensive solution to offer Guest WiFi services that are highly secure, logically separated, part of your network. Through a highly intuitive and branded interface, we enable you to deliver the best possible experience for your customers and visitors. By capturing access and interaction with your Guest WiFi portal we can capture, analyse and present valuable insights into your customers. This includes their movements around your facility and their engagement with the content you provide them.

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How We Help

  • Secure Guest WiFi 
  • Customer Access Portal 
  • Guest Usage Analytics 
  • Insights into Movement 
  • Insights into Behaviour & Preferences 
Location services

Location Services

The nature of how wireless networks work enables you to identify the location of any device accessing the network. Therefore, you can gain significant insight into many important factors. This includes facility utilisation, workforce productivity and manual process flows.

By deploying location services as part of your WiFi deployment, Ensign is able to unlock valuable intelligence into your operation. We can also leverage a wide range of AI and Analytics tools. This provides you with actionable intelligence.

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How We Help

  • Tracking Location of WiFi Connected Devices 
  • Understanding Facility Utilisation 
  • Insights into Process Flows 
  • Analysis of Operation Productivity 
  • Intuitive Actionable Intelligence 

Why Choose Ensign For Your WiFi Network?

Ensign has over 35 years of experience in delivering networking solutions. We fully appreciate the importance of a highly resilient, secure and responsive network.

We take the time to understand your unique requirements. This allows us to discover & assess your needs; design and deploy a secure that is right for you; provide a fully managed service; and then help you analyse and monetise through valuable business intelligence.