The Negative Impact of Poor Network Connectivity on your Productivity

The Negative Impact of Poor Network Connectivity on your Productivity

You Need A Secure and Simple Home Worker Solution

Workers are being asked about the prospect of working from home for another 6 months. This presents a major headache for businesses and their IT teams. They must quickly mobilise their workforce to ensure no loss in business continuity and productivity – so the right storage solution, the right network infrastructure, and the right network security is required to support worker mobility. Most businesses simply do not have adequate systems in place to support this and are now revisiting their requirements. In the Spring of 2020 many businesses adopted a short term ‘sticking plaster’ solution. A longer-term solution is now needed.

What is a Home Worker Solution?

When you need to work from home or access the corporate network from a temporary site, our Home Worker Solution makes life easy.

Our Home Worker Solution uses Aruba remote access points which are automatically configured, so your employees can just plug into any IP connection and they’re literally up and running.

Not only does our Home Worker Solution provide your users with immediate and secure network access, it offers simple plug and play installation, meaning there’s no additional time needed from your IT team to work through the usual connectivity challenges and frustration that most VPN solutions bring.

Why do I need it?

In 2020 the Coronavirus pandemic confined many of us to having to work from home. This meant that in order to maintain business continuity (and in many cases, ensure business survival) it became vital to get employees connected to the corporate network from their homes.

Home Working isn’t going away. Research shows it’s actually on the increase, and a Stamford University study recently suggested that Home Workers:

  • are 13% more productive
  • take less sick leave
  • are happier with their home vs work balance
  • spend more hours working.

It really is a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ you deploy a Home Worker solution

One clear outcome from many of the ‘sticking plaster’ solutions deployed was that the connections were frequently slow, lost or ‘laggy’ at best, with many business opting for VPN and business communicator type solutions – which they now recognise are simply not up to the challenge.

What options are there?

We’re glad you asked. At Ensign we believe in putting our clients first, second and third, and we also recognise that our clients often come in all different shapes and sizes. So to make your life easier, we’ve created 4 easy bundles so there is a solution for every sized business:

  • The Small One – for up to 16 users
  • The Medium One – for up to 32 users
  • The Large One – for up to 64 users
  • The Xtra Large One – for up to 256 users

What do I need to do?

Just select the bundle that’s right for your business, based on the number of employees you need to mobilise, and give us a call. We will walk you through each step and make sure your Home Worker Solution is up and running in no time at all.

We can even manage your Home Worker Solution estate for you. Just ask one of our experts about our On-Premise or Cloud Management platforms and we can demonstrate the options available to suit your technical, and your budgetary requirements.

The Techie Bits

As they speak the same language, we let our techie teams speak with your techie teams, so once you’ve chosen the Home Worker Solution that meets your business needs, we’ll largely take care of the rest. Our techies will reach out to understand your Wi-Fi network name, IP addressing for Remote Access Points and Controllers and a connection to an Authentication Server.

We will then size your solution, configure the equipment, and ship your Home Worker Solution Controller and your Secure Remote Access Points (SRAPs) directly to your staff at home.

You then connect the Controller to your corporate network (we can help out if you need us) and your Home Workers then simply connect their plug and play Home Worker Solution to their network. That’s it! You’re up and running.

Where does Ensign fit in all of this?

At Ensign we really understand Home Working Solutions – after all, we deployed the Aruba solutions to our own employees in March 2020, ensuring seamless business continuity and productivity.

Many of our teams are now operational and back working in our offices, however with the recent (22nd September 2020) announcements by Boris Johnson regarding the need to work from home again where possible, all Ensign employees will be instantly mobilised and remain fully productive.


Want to know more about how our Smart Home Worker Solutions? Contact us today, to find out more.