Venue Based Analytics



Venue Based Analytics

Our Omnidata intelligence platform presents you with a powerful environmental analytics tool, designed to help venues to streamline operations, drive new marketing revenue streams and improve the customer experience. Through the analysis of accurate, meaningful, and intelligent data, you can make informed and educated decisions for your business, driving efficiency, productivity, and importantly profitability.



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Connect to your customer, consolidate data from wireless networks, people-counters and other data sources in a single view. As a venue owners or operator you have the challenge of using data from both the digital and the physical world, so it's important you can access easily digestible location-based, digital, behavioural and environmental data sources.

  • Immediate data access
  • Reduced workload
  • Peace of mind
  • Better customer experience

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Gain insights into your customers behaviour, allowing you to make venue optimisations to improve the customer experience. Now you can have all the visitor insight you need to make critical decisions, by fully understanding what your visitors do while in your venues.

  • Footfall & Heatmapping
  • Dwell Times & Visitor Flow
  • Conversion & Social Engagement

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Engage your customers through tailored communications, in a way you never realised you could; both whilst they are at your venue or when they’ve moved on - using email, WiFi, SMS, and push notifications. Now you can deliver location-based campaigns that improve their experience.

  • Location-Based Marketing
  • Auto Engage Visitors
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Demographic Segmentation 


Occupancy Now

Occupancy Now


In a post COVID-19 world, Occupancy Now ensures you can bring your employees back to the shop floor, and your customers back through the doors, maintaining social distancing compliance and safety at every step.

Our automated platform brings together people counting, real time communications and an intuitive user dashboard, helping you to:

Monitor Occupancy and Social Distancing in real time

Remain compliant with regulations for COVID-19

Improve cleaning procedure efficiencies

Initiate contact tracing when required


How does it work?
Occupancy Now integrates with your wireless network, Bluetooth sensors, surveillance systems and people counters, to continually monitor and analyse the activity across your venue - presenting operators and owners with rich data via a simple and intuitive dashboard, from which intelligence management decisions can be implemented.

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