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WiFi Analytics & Location-Based Services

Realise the potential of your customer WiFi investment with real-time, proximity based, WiFi analytics.

As consumers, we can all relate to the desire to have access to free guest WiFi services wherever we may be – secure access to complimentary WiFi is not only expected, it is expected to be good

WiFi Analytics has the power and granularity of data to add benefit for retailers, venue owners and customers alike, whilst closing the profitability gap between brick-and-mortar and digital commerce. 

Make physical brand engagement as measurable as on the web!

Partnered with the leading WiFi Analytics platforms on the market - Purple, Skyfii and Encapto - Ensign can help you and your business to leverage your guest WiFi to better understand your customers and their habits.

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Features of Ensign WiFi Analytics include:

Branded Guest WiFi Splash Pages with WiFi Analytics

How can WiFi Analytics work for your business?

With an ever-growing and mind-boggling degree of choice in the WiFi Analytics market, it can be difficult to separate one platform from another in order to select the best choice for your business.

A basic understanding of the technology which forms the basis of location tracking and location analytics is often a logical and revealing place to begin. 

WiFi location-based analytics

A customer or guest WiFi enabled device does not have to be connected to your network in order to be located and tracked. As mobile devices are constantly seeking better, alternative, connections, wireless access points are able to establish a physical connection which can then be 'triangulated' based upon the relative signal strength to numerous points. 

Using this data, our WiFi Analytics solutions employ complex algorithms to reveal in-depth insight into customer journeys, preferences and experiences.


Analytics to rival the Web

The stumbling block for many retailers in viewing in-store customer WiFi as a sound investment often lies in the ability (or lack thereof) to monetise the services. Of course, within the hospitality sector, opportunities to achieve a return, or to even turn a profit, from guest WiFi are notionally more available. This has not necessarily been the case for retailers…until now.

Visitor Analytics on your Guest WiFi

For years, online retailers have exploited the data advantage – processing daily shots of customer segment and behaviour data and turning it into actionable and measurable modifications to their visitor experience.

With WiFi analytics, bricks-and –mortar retailers can gather and use the very same metrics available to their online counterparts to analyse and improve their customers’ journey. At the physical layer of tracking, key performance indicators (KPIs) such as ‘number-of-visits’, ‘frequency’, ‘dwell time’ and even ‘average revenue per visit’ can all combine to help optimise store layouts, staff positioning and bottlenecks. 

At the second layer of authentication – the session initiation stage – granular customer segmentation data, such as age and gender can be captured, as well as opening the opportunity for opt-in location-based push marketing campaigns. 

WiFi Analytics Platforms that we recommend:

Purple WiFi Grey

Purple WiFi

Gain valuable insights around physical spaces and promote your business like never before. Purple WiFi helps business to leverage their guest WiFi to enhance the customer experience. With branded splash and social media login, Purple WiFi streamlines WiFi Analytics.

Offering an analytical platform akin to that on the web, Purple harnesses real time data for in-depth behavioural and special insights. In addition, the full suite offers automated WiFi marketing opportunities to send qualified customers and guests highly targeted emails, SMS and promotional coupons as-and-when desired. Read More about Purple WiFi




Providing businesses and venues with data-rich insights to help make increasingly informed, customer-centric decisions, Skyfii is the new ‘standard’ in venue WiFi Analytics. Their focus on utilising WiFi data to inform marketing and operational improvements through a fully-configurable cloud-based dashboard has helped to build their reputation for results.

Making the correlation between increased digital activity and changing customer habits in-store, Skyfii puts a focus on connecting these –all-important dots to enhance marketing and campaign measurement for the best returns on investment. 


Encapto WiFI


Encapto WiFi Analytics offers businesses, venues and municipal or public wireless deployments a highly flexible and feature-rich user engagement platform. Not only does the platform facilitate intelligent user engagement and behaviour metrics but enables cloud-based control over the network to ensure the optimum quality-of-service (QoS).

The campaign module enables the administrator to create highly-targeted and personalised campaigns with ease and the Encapto Locate module hands users a wealth of accurate user location data to inform store layout and customer flow improvements.


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