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WiFi as a Service (WaaS)

Reduce the upfront costs of Business-Grade Wireless with our 'pay monthly' WiFi as a Service solution.

With WiFi as a Service you, your business, your employees and your customers or guests can benefit from fully managed, premium wireless networks for a fraction of the cost. 

At Ensign Communications, we understand that, for many businesses, the main barrier to achieving the WiFi environment that they truly desire is the often-high capital expenditure which accompanies such projects. Not only is business-grade wireless necessary for modern networks serving a ever-increasing number of individuals with a growing number of devices but the expertise in design, installation and on-going management is also paramount to a great user experience. 

Our service-based WiFi model eliminates these barriers-to-entry and reduces payment to a single monthly expenditure. And, the best part of all is that we will fully support and service your WiFi, ensuring that you and your business can ALWAYS boast premium connectivity.   

This simplified wireless access solution can work for any business or organisation - you can find out more by taking a look at our WaaS brochure or WaaS Price Guidelines

Premium Business & Guest WiFi at a low cost

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WiFi as a Service: What You Need to Know...

Why Select Ensign WiFi as a Service for your business?

Why is WaaS Right for Your Business? 

FINANCES & INVESTMENT: For many advocates of business WiFi as a Service, the core benefits and broad appeals will often be financial. The initial capital expenditure of a contemporary wireless network can run into the tens of thousands (and that’s even before any thoughts are paid to management and support options), leaving contemporary wireless networking somewhat out-of-reach for businesses who could otherwise truly benefit. 

Removing this potentially irreconcilable outlay is the real boon for cost-conscious businesses as they are then free to design the network that is right for them and to pay for it over a period of time that they are comfortable with.

WE SUPPORT YOU: You wouldn't want to invest a significant sum of money into your business WiFi without first considering the ongoing support of the network. Proceeding to install and operate a wireless network without the correct level of professional support can be a risky tactic, and can also be a costly one should the unthinkable occur! 

Under the WaaS model, businesses are afforded complete peace-of-mind with technical support, network health monitoring, management and Next-Business-Day hardware swap-out all included in the monthly fee.

SIMPLIFIED BUSINESS WIFI: Above all, the real day-to-day benefit of WaaS is the simplicity it affords businesses of all types and sizes.

As deploying, managing and supporting modern networks becomes more and more complex, a fully-managed service enables business owners to concentrate on what really matters to them.   

What Types of Businesses Are Benefiting from Pay-Monthly-WiFi? 

Put simply, WiFi as a Service can work for any business or organisation whose staff or customers spend enough time on their premises to require access to their wireless network. If your business is serving more than a handful of WiFi users (with likely more than one device) then WaaS is a great option. 

The WiFi as a Service Waiting Room

HOSPITALITY - With WaaS, both small and medium-sized hospitality venues (anything from B&Bs to Boutique Hotels and Caravan Parks) can serve their guests with safe, secure, high-performance guest WiFi.

RESTAURANTS - As 'dwell time' is an increasingly important metric for the restaurant industry, better WiFi can not only keep customers happier and on-premises for longer but can be used as a tool to raise awareness of promotional offers or to increase loyalty with WiFi Analytics. 

SERVICE SECTOR - There are a great many businesses and organisations that serve a captive audience who require great WiFi. Waiting rooms or areas, such as those found in GP Surgeries, Dental Practices or Veterinary Clinics are perfect for WaaS deployment; as are, Hair & Beauty Salons, Automotive Sales & Repair Centres and Gymnasiums - to mention a few. 

RETAIL - From small independents to larger, multi-site operations, the opportunities for retailers to leverage WiFi for business growth are significant. With WiFi as a Service, the optional 'Presence Analytics' engine can reveal insightful and actionable information about user activity and movement around the premises or store. 


Q: How does WiFi as a Service work? A: In just 3 simple steps! 


We pay a visit to your site – in order to understand your environment and to intelligently design the network we will conduct a WiFi (RF) survey of your site. This is the most important part of any wireless network project and lays the foundation for a great WiFi experience.


We design the network based on the information collected at site. This is then translated into the best-possible placement of your wireless access points and their configuration. Find out more about our Network Consultancy and Design Services.


We install your business-grade WiFi network – our highly trained engineers will install your new network, usually in no more than a few hours. We always ensure that the installation of wireless kit makes the absolute minimum visual impact upon your working environment.

What Next?

So, you think WiFi as a Service might be right for your business or organisation?

There are a number of 'next steps' you can take to begin your journey towards better, more cost effective business and guest WiFi. 

1. Call Ensign to discuss your requirements (01929 557 422)

2. Take a look at our WaaS brochure (Right)

3. Take a look at our WaaS price guidelines

4. Take a look at some pre-WaaS considerations



WiFi as a Service Brochure from Ensign Communications

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