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Business WiFi

Professional, robust & reliable end-to-end Wired & Wireless LAN (WiFi) solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

Everything we do is unique to your specific project requirements, ensuring a bespoke solution each and every time.

Not only can Ensign provide a range of professional pre- and post-installation services but we can supply all manner of enterprise-grade network hardware such as access points, wireless LAN controllers, point-to-point links, firewalls and much more –  just contact our team for a no-hassle quotation

We aim to approach business WiFi from an entirely customer-centric angle through which our customers get the very best from their network investments. Whilst being pervasive, robust and secure, we pride ourselves on solutions which simultaneously simplify and improve business processes. 

Our business WiFi and network infrastrcuture solutions are deployed in a diverse range of enterprise environments, from café's, pubs and restaurants, to branch offices, call centres, hotels, shops, warehouses and many more. 

Instruct us to perform an onsite WiFi survey and receive a £400 rebate - total coverage guarantee!

Business-Grade WiFi for just £19 p/m - call our team on 01929 557 422 or Contact Us

Professional Business-Grade WiFi Infrastructures

Partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers we are confident in our ability to provide a network solution which is the perfect fit for your enterprise. Using the Garter Magic Quadrant as our guide, we have strategically aligned our business with the most innovative and cost-effective wireless LAN infrastructure providers.

These long-standing, established, partnerships give our customers the peace-of-mind that their network is founded on quality above anything else. 



Business WiFi and Network Infrastructure Solutions

Secure Business Wireless LAN

With threats to business data security becoming increasingly diverse, a constantly evolving approach to detecting and mitigating security breaches is now more necessary than ever. And not just for large corporate entities, small and medium businesses are also feeling the heat as hackers and other cyber-criminals target organisations of all kinds.

Recent reports show that as much as 43% of data loss comes from internal employees (half of which is intentional). With statistics such as these, a serious WLAN security strategy is a wise move.

Ensign can offer a range of network security solutions, from off-site remote monitoring and fixes to threat alerts and crisis recovery. Our partnerships with Cisco and Palo Alto Networks ensures that we can offer the very best next generation firewall hardware, with options for small offices spaces through to multisite commercial operational environments.

Wireless LAN Coverage & Capacity Guarantee

One of the most common mistakes of poorly performing business WiFi is the misinterpretation of network coverage and network capacity. We often see networks which have been designed to provide a sufficient level of wireless coverage but fall short when it comes to the capacity required to serve the density of corporate users and their many devices (see BYOD).

When preceded by an onsite RF survey, Ensign will guarantee the coverage and capacity of your business network. In other words; if we survey the site, we are confident in our ability to provide a resilient and pervasive wireless network which can stand-up to the demands of your staff. 

Bespoke Managed Business WiFi Solutions

A professional approach to wireless networking has become nothing short of essential for business of all types and sizes – even for those with limited IT resource. This is where Ensign’s managed wireless services come into play. Our team of highly trained engineers are available 24/7 to ensure that our support customers can enjoy a consistent network environment. 

This entirely bespoke service means that we can be as involved as your internal resources demand. Whether you require onsite or remote support, fault prevention and mitigation or performance monitoring, we have a solution for you

Business BYOD & Guest WiFi

Providing both corporate and guest WiFi can be something of a headache, there are certain considerations which simply cannot be overlooked. Our guest access and management solutions are designed to be as symbiotic as is possible; providing high-performance network connectivity to both your staff and any guests who may require temporary access to your business network. 

Location-based analytics and user generated data can, for some businesses, be invaluable information when it comes to customer engagement and relationship building. It is here that managed guest WiFi can become a revenue generating communications tool. Find out more about guest WiFi access and how it can benefit your business. 

As far as we’re concerned, when it comes to business BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) there is only one word that really matters – simplicity.

Allowing personally owned devices onto your corporate network shouldn’t be the IT admin headache it is often made out to be. With Ensign BYOD solutions, you will be able to rapidly and secure provision your guests based on user role, device and location data ensuring that the maximum productivity is achieved and freeing-up your IT staff to address more pressing matters.  


Outdoor WiFi for Businesses from EnsignTake your Business WiFi Outdoors

Ensign has built a reputation for making WiFi work in the most unlikely places. We thrive in the wind and the rain and believe there is no outdoor environment too difficult for business-grade wireless. Our work at Stonehenge, Dover castle, the port of Liverpool and Brownsea Island are testament to this – take a look at our case studies to find out more.

Whether you require a simple point-to-point link or a more complex multipoint or wireless mesh solution, our seasoned engineers have the seen it all. Partnered with the leading microwave bridge manufactures, we ensure our work is based on leading technology and innovative design. Read more about our outdoor WiFi and wireless bridging here.


Small & Medium Business WiFi

Professional secure Wired and Wireless LAN (WiFi) designed specifically for smaller businesses and organisations with limited IT resources

At Ensign, we take great pride in our ability to work with businesses of all sizes. Although we often deliver WiFi and other network solutions to large enterprises, many of our customers are small to medium sized businesses with their own set of unique challenges.

Our premium, yet affordable wireless network solutions allow small businesses to achieve enterprise-grade networking, which has the capacity and security to meet their specifications, without breaking the bank. 

Our wireless site surveys come with a coverage guarantee and we ensure your network has the capacity to cope with the growing number of devices that businesses of all sizes are seeking to securely accommodate.
Ensign small business solutions are perfect for offices, retailers, healthcare clinics and small classroom deployments.

Secure WiFi Network Access & Mobility 

Technology has led to significant shifts in our work habits. From remote working, cloud services and applications to BYOD and MDM, the pressure on networks of all sizes to deliver a seamless user experience  which is not only reliable but is secure and as fast as domestic WiFi networks is being felt.

Our small business solutions encompass role-based access management platforms which allow you and your staff to reap the full benefits of BYOD and remote working whilst embracing the mobile revolution.

Aruba Wireless Access Points

Get the right hardware for your small business

Large enterprise WiFi deployments often come with budgets to match. We understand that small businesses require a more calculated approach to wireless hardware procurement and our portfolio has been built to reflect this. 

Controller-less access point options from Aruba HPE and Ruckus Unleashed, as well as cloud-based business WiFi from Cisco Meraki, offer high-performance, high-capacity wireless at a number of price points and subscription based models. 

All of Ensign’s hardware portfolio is enterprise-grade and allow businesses to integrate both hardware and network application solutions in a manner that is both secure and reliable. Which AP is right for you? Contact us to find out.



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