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WiFi Bridging

Licensed & unlicensed Wireless Bridge Links for your business.

Share your enterprise network across multiple buildings, distributed sites, and large expanses with our 60, 70/80GHz WiFi bridge links. Whether you are looking to deploy a building-to-building wireless connection or an effective backhaul solution to remote sites or remote hardware, such as CCTV, WiFi point-to-point bridge links are often the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Typically used where leased fibre lines are too costly, impractical or just plain impossible, gigabit wireless links can be installed as a permanent long-distance connectivity solution, or as short-term solution wherever temporary network access is required to remote working environments.

Our fast, highly-secure and robust wireless bridge solutions support the seamless transfer of voice, video and data with unmatched levels of availability.

Ensign provides a range of wireless bridge hardware and solutions (starting in the 2.4GHz band and expanding to 60, 70/80GHz) depending on your specific business and performance requirements. Read more or Contact Our Team to find the most effective option for you!

WiFi Bridge Solutions:

High-speed, Ethernet bridge links from as little as £700.00.

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Licensed or Unlicensed Wireless Bridging?

5GHz WiFi Bridge Links from Ensign Communications

5GHz WiFi Wireless Bridge Links

Perfect for businesses looking to connect one or more buildings which benefit from clear Line-of-Sight (LOS), InfiNet 5GHz bridge links provide a cost-effective and secure, enterprise-grade, connectivity solution where wired connections are not an option.

Our range of  unlicensed wireless bridging hardware have been designed and tested to achieve consistent performance in the rugged and challenging outdoor environments and are suited to a number of industrial and commercial deployments – from warehousing, hospitality (campsites and holiday parks) and education, to heavy industry such as ports, logistics and construction. 

5GHz links provide businesses with high performance and high levels of throughput over distances of up to 100km. A 5GHz bridge is the correct choice for mission-critical network usage, which depends upon the rapid and secure transfer of voice, video and data communications.


60GHz Siklu Wireless Bridge Links

60, 70 & 80GHz WiFi Bridge Links

Operating in the 60, 70 and 80GHz bands, Siklu wireless bridges are the leading millimetre wave (mmWave) point to point solution on the market. 

Offering businesses an operational advantage by operating in the interference-free 60, 70 and 80GHz bands, Siklu links provide multi-gigabit throughput over huge distances. 

Perfect of a multitude of businesses and organisational applications, Siklu WiFi bridges can solve overcome the challenges of growing campus networks, such as colleges, universities and corporate offices, as well as connecting disparate sites where cabling is out of the question.

Boasting fibre-like wireless, Siklu bridges enable enterprise-grade, yet affordable, gigabit network capacity with the highest levels of availability (99.999%) to businesses of all sizes and requirements.  


Wireless Bridge Deployments

There are many use-cases where wireless bridging can act as a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy alternative to wired networks. 

Business Broadband - The most common business deployments of point-to-point wireless bridge links are where wired connection are either impractical or impossible to achieve between buildings or sites.

The expensive nature of WAN cabling, and the timescales which usually characterise projects of this type, make them unattractive to many proprietors. The rapid installation and fibre-like speeds achievable through wireless bridging enables businesses to connect their buildings with minimal expense and minimum disruption to their operations. 

Wireless bridging is also advantageous in that, unlike expensive leased WAN circuits, they offer businesses an almost completely Operational Expense (Op-Ex) approach to connectivity. The only reoccurring costs are those of the licensing, which, compared to leased lines, are nominal.  

CCTV Backhaul - Ensign provide high capacity, secure and affordable wireless backhaul solutions for corporate, enterprise and heavily industrialised environments. We believe that businesses shouldn’t have to make the trade-off between wireless performance and price. Our backhaul solutions provide users with fibre-like speeds for CCTV networks, small cell hotspot backhaul, fibre extensions and leased line replacements.

WAN & Inter-Site Resilience - As our collective connectivity becomes increasingly important to our day-to-day operations (both personal and professional) adding a layer of resilience to traditional infrastructures is more and more appealing. Wireless bridge links can create a rapid, cost effective wireless circuit whilst offering the highest levels of reliability and uptime.  


Our Wireless Bridge Link Partners:

Siklu Grey

Siklu bridges operate on the newly allocated E-Band spectrum (71-76 GHz, 81-86 GHz and 92-95 GHz) which avoids the pitfalls of the more popular and increasingly crowded 6-42 GHz wireless backhaul frequency spectrum. The E-Band wireless spectrum ensures that businesses are able to rely on robust high-capacity data transfer across large distances and with up to 99.999% availability.


Bridgewave Grey

Designed to offer businesses long-distance gigabit WiFi wireless connectivity, Bridgewave links combine leading technology with unmatched affordability. Bridgewave WiFi links offer enterprise- and carrier-grade solutions which are comparable in terms of performance. Easily scalable, Bridgewave solutions feature trademarked FlexPort technology and both AdaptRate and AdaptPath to combat RF interference.


Cambium Grey

Offering 99.999% network availability, Cambium point-to-point and point-to-multipoint hardware solutions perform in the licensed, unlicensed and defined-use frequencies. Built upon ORTHOGONAL FREQUENCY DIVISION MULTIPLEXING (OFDM) Cambium solutions provide businesses with unmatched performance where obstructions between bases (such as trees or tall buildings) exist.


Infinet Grey

Boasting the highest performing point-to-point solution on the market, InfiNet wireless bridges offer higher processing power and superior distance Vs performance ratios than the competition. Their InfiLINK XG combines discreet and innovative design with the highest spectral efficiency in its class. In addition, the InfiLINK 2x2 offers a both a high-performance (PRO) and cost-effective medium-performance/capacity (LITE) iterations.


Ceragon Grey

Ceragon offer the very best in wireless backhaul and mission-critical point to point data transmission. Modern networks live and die on their ability to deliver capacity, and it is Ceragon’s commitment to this in their product line that makes them the perfect fit for businesses of all types and requirements. Cergaon’s emphasis on providing enterprise-grade performance and capacity alongside a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) is what singles them out in the highly competitive and innovative backhaul market.


Wireless Bridge Case Study

Watch our video case study detailing a Silku wireless bridge installation project as the historic Dover Castle. Wrapped in vinyl, the WiFi bridge links are camouflaged so as not impact upon the building's heritage, ensuring that visitors enjoy an authentic experience whilst benefiting from robust WiFi networking. 


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