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Access Points

Enterprise-grade indoor and outdoor wireless (WiFi) access points which form the basis for great network coverage and unbeatable capacity.

An integral part of any professional wireless network, enterprise-grade wireless access points (APs or WAPs) offer businesses robust connectivity, security and resilience. 

As the demands put upon today’s wireless networks continues to grow, the industry’s leading wireless access point vendors have developed increasingly innovative and advanced technologies to ensure not only rapid WiFi experiences but the mobility and connectivity desired by the modern workforce. 

802.11ac Wave 2 access points

The latest IEEE WiFi standard (802.11ac) is predominate amongst most of today’s enterprise-grade wireless access points and offers businesses notable performance improvements on its 802.11n predecessor (although it is worth noting that .11ac APs are backwards compatible).

Wave 2 Beamforming 

More than simply a marketing ploy, beamforming technology allows modern access points to achieve unprecedented levels of signal strength, enabling businesses and organisations to build high-capacity networks with more cost-effective numbers of access points.

Multi-User Support

In response to the growing density of professional wireless networks, wave 2 802.11ac access points feature Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Out (MU-MIMO). The main reason for this development is to facilitate multiple simultaneous conversations between multiple users whilst maintaining both the performance and, above all, the usability of the wireless network.

Enterprise-grade access points

Strategically aligned with the market-leaders in wireless LAN and wireless access point technology, we ensure the performance of our customer networks.

As is the case in all areas of hardware procurement, there are many access point manufacturers to choose from – all of which will claim to deliver a sufficient, or even superior, connectivity experience. 

However, our partner portfolio and access point selection is based on factors such as:

  • Access point interoperability 
  • Ease of integration and scalability 
  • Manufacturer guarantee 
  • Manufacturer support 
  • Best-in-class wireless performance 
  • Wireless LAN management 

Aruba Wireless Access Points

Aruba HPE Access Points

Ensign supply, install and support the full Aruba HPE indoor and outdoor wireless access point range.

Deployed as either controller-less ‘Instant’ APs or controller-managed, Aruba access points can be deployed effectively regardless of the size, scale or projected growth of your network.

Ensign have installed and managed Aruba access points across a range of industry sectors and can help you to find the correct hardware for your business connectivity needs. 


Ruckus Wireless Access Points

Ruckus Wireless Access Points

Ensign supply, install and support the full Ruckus Wireless indoor and outdoor wireless access point range.

Available in either controller-managed or controller-less 'unleashed' iterations, Ruckus access points provide enteprise-grade options from single AP environments right through to large-scale and complex deployments. 

The Ruckus Zoneflex portfolio combines robust design with patented BeamFlex technologies to support both indoor and outdoor wireless requirements.


Cisco Wireless Access Points

Cisco Wireless Access Points

Ensign supply, install and support the full Cisco indoor and outdoor wireless access point range.

Cisco Aironet wireless access points are suitable for all levels of deployments, from small branch offices to campus and large distributed enterprise environments.  

Boasting an extensive range, the Cisco Aironet series can provide you and your business with the best possible access points, whether you require an entry-level model or a numerous, mission-critical, access point deployment across multiple sites.


Cisco Meraki Wireless Access Points

Cisco Meraki Access Points

Ensign supply, install and support the full Cisco Meraki wireless access point range.

Employing advanced WLAN technologies, such as MIMO, beam-forming and channel bonding, as well as the capability to deliver reliable and robust coverage for a host of high-bandwidth business applications, Meraki have revolutionised enterprise connectivity.

Meraki cloud management eliminates the need for costly WLAN controllers, whilst providing IT administrators with unprecedented network visibility and usage monitoring.


Vinyl-Wrapped WiFi Access Points

If you have concerns about your business building aesthetics, talk to our team about our innovative access point 'wrapping' solution. We can match any background or building material to ensure that you wireless hardware does not negatively impact your interior aesthetics.

Meraki Access Points

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