Wireless Microwave Backhaul

dedicated wireless backhaul links for a wide range of applications

Our most common wireless backhaul deployments are for businesses seeking to provide network access to distributed or remote locations where leased or bonded lines are impractical or too costly

Ensign backhaul solutions can be deployed adding higher levels of reliability to existing networks, boasting 99.999% uptime, irrespective of location or wireless environment. Our portfolio of proven wireless backhaul technology has been deployed by Service Providers, Government agencies and Utilities companies for data, cellular and surveillance backhaul requirements

Wireless Backhaul Benefits

  • Backhaul of data eliminates requirement for fibre and leased lines 
  • Rapid deployment delivering flexibility otherwise unattainable 
  • Requirement or demand changes can be met with unprecedented scalability 
  • 99.999% uptime for mission-critical networks
  • Can be deployed regardless of environmental or topology

Typical Deployments

  • Connect buildings across large distances with high speed wireless
  • Increase your existing network capacity 
  • Backhaul where fibre lead times are too long
  • Facilitate high speed HD video on large campuses 
  • Add link redundancy for mission-critical networking
  • Microwave backhaul is perfect for rapid or temporary deployments