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Wireless Mesh Networks

Mesh networking provides an effective and efficient solution for businesses and organisations who wish to achieve wireless network connectivity across large areas

Often, when Ethernet and fibre cabling may be impractical or impossible to deploy across large outdoor spaces, a wireless mesh network is the preferred solution.

At its most basic, a mesh network involves the communication of traffic from one radio mast to another. Once configured, this process can be repeated many times to create wide-reaching networks which provide multiple wireless hotspots for users. 

Wireless mesh routers are designed to provide high densities of users with high performance WiFi whilst firing real-time data via back haul to business-critical systems, such as VoIP, CCTV cameras and other applications. Wireless mesh solutions are a popular choice for mission-critical networks as data loss is approximately 40% less than that of the alternatives.

What are the benefits of Wireless Mesh Networking?


  • No fixed leased line costs
    • No wired infrastructure is required when setting up a WiFi mesh network, making it more cost effective and faster to deploy
  • Increased Network Coverage
    • Without the restrictions of a wired network backbone to consider, WiFi mesh nodes can be placed wherever necessary for the optimum level of coverage
  • Fully scalable solution
    • WiFi mesh nodes can be added to or removed from the network should the scope of requirements change at any time
  • Reduced maintenance and installation costs
    • Wireless mesh networks are deployed more efficiently than wired networks and are 'self-healing' due to their non-centralised configuration

Is a Wireless Mesh Network Solution for you?


  • Do you have a requirement to provide Wireless LAN coverage outside?
  • Do you want to cover areas with a wireless LAN that you thought were inaccessible because they were too far from existing building infrastructure?
  • Do you want a system that uses existing WLAN technology, so is seamless to your end users?
  • Do you want a fully scalable, resilient and secure solution?
  • Do you want to integrate your external wireless LAN coverage into your existing WLAN infrastructure and management systems?

If you answered 'yes' to any or all of the above, a wireless mesh solution is what you require.

How can a Wireless Mesh Network benefit your enterprise?

Wireless Mesh enables organisations to cover external areas with Wireless LAN, whilst offering a resilient, self-healing, solution for mission critical operations. Ensign mesh networks feature two radio systems per access point, one for providing coverage for the user and one for providing backhaul to the wired network. Configuration of the network in this way ensures robust, high bandwidth coverage.

Aruba HPE Grey

Aruba HPE Wireless Mesh

The Aruba AirMesh MSR4000 outdoor wireless mesh router is ideally suited to extreme outdoor environments where high-speed mobility is required. Providing a high-performance (up to 300Mbps data rate) the MSR-4000 is a robust and reliable WiFi alternative where wired network configurations are either impossible or undesirable

The Aruba AirMesh MSR-2000 can provide a high-performance outdoor wireless mesh solution where wired connections may not be possible or desirable. Ideally suited to long range deployments, such as metropolitan, shipping ports or large industrial areas, these wireless network mesh access points are highly ruggedized to withstand the harshest of conditions.

The Aruba AirMesh MST200 outdoor wireless mesh access router delivers high-performance outdoor wireless mesh connectivity for remote locations and devices such as IP video surveillance cameras. Ruggedized and hardened to withstand extreme outdoor conditions, the MST200 is ideal for providing 802.11n connectivity in metropolitan and industrial areas.


Cisco Grey

Cisco Wireless Mesh

Implementing a Cisco Wireless Mesh system takes a considerable degree of expertise in both the design and implementation stages. As such only selected Cisco Partners who have experience and a proven track record in implementing secure, scalable yet complex Wireless LAN systems are able to offer this service under the Cisco Invitation Only Mesh accreditation system.

Ensign Communications has a proven track record in implementing Wireless LAN's for a large number of organisations from SMB's to blues chip companies throughout the and in all major business verticals

The Cisco Aironet 1520 Series outdoor access points provide a flexible wireless mesh networking solution, offering high-performance, security and scalability. Designed for deployment across long range outdoor metropolitan areas, the Aironet 1520 can be easily adapted as an extension of any existing wired or wireless networks


Full & Partial Wireless Mesh Networks

Ensign can provide either a full or partial wireless mesh network depending on the demands of your business.

Full mesh networks are usually preferred by organisations that require reliable, mission critical, network deployments. Typically consisting of dozens, if not hundreds, of mesh nodes, communicating with one another across the covered area, a full WiFi mesh network can offer a high level of redundancy and fault tolerance.

Should an access point within the full mesh become unresponsive, the intelligent self-healing design will find an alternative route for data transfer, bypassing the ‘broken link’.

A partial wireless mesh network operates within a chain-like configuration, and can still offer a redundant connection.

Partial mesh differs from full mesh networks in that, unlike full mesh topologies, at least one node in the partial network is not fully meshed yet maintains multiple connections or routes for data transfer.

Wireless Mesh Network Customer Testimonial

Our customers have found that investing in a high-performance WiFi wireless mesh network solutions has helped to overcome the challenges of outdoor wireless deployments.

Our users are happy with the service and we at Berthon have been impressed with the level of coverage [the wireless mesh network provides] to berth holders and visitors. We are seeing an increase in returning customers, which is perhaps the greatest indication that the Wi-Fi solution is performing beyond what was expected at its inception. Nick Hopwood, Marina Manager @ Berthon Boats



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