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WiFi Site Survey

Ensign wireless WiFi site and estimated RF surveys provide a vital blueprint for the seamless integration of new and existing 802.11 n/a/b/g/ac WLAN infrastructures.

Using the latest RF spectrum analysis technology, Ensign’s WiFi site survey engineers will map the areas of desired coverage, taking into account the lines-of-sight, the total number, location and configuration of access points required, as well as potential sources of interference and the layout of the building.

Foreseeing, and avoiding, the many potential pitfalls which can affect RF distribution, and thus the performance of your enterprise wireless LAN, is the best way to assure a smooth and hassle free network installation that will save your business time and money further down the line.

We specialise in four different types of WiFi Site Survey; Predictive (or, estimated) Site Surveys; Onsite WiFi RF Surveys; Post Installation (or, Commissioning) Surveys; WiFi Health Checks (RF Audit).

We Guarantee 100% WiFi Coverage Wherever an Onsite Wireless Site Survey is Undertaken! Contact Us

Onsite WiFi Survey Services from Ensign Communications

Onsite WiFi Wireless Survey

Although our predictive site surveys provide a great deal of detailed RF information, the most accurate way to plan RF behaviour, ­and to ensure both wireless coverage and performance, ­is to perform an onsite wireless survey (sometimes referred to as a 'Physical Site Survey').

An onsite wireless survey requires one of our skilled engineers to be onsite ­- chargeable at our daily rate - where the latest in surveying equipment technology is used to complete a range of tests aimed at identifying variable levels of signal strength, wireless coverage and RF interference. The resulting data will highlight areas of optimal performance, as well as recommendations for hardware procurement, hardware placement and on-going maintenance. 

We will GUARANTEE your WiFi coverage whenever you instruct us to perform an onsite wireless survey! Not only that, we will give you half of your money back should you proceed with your wireless procurement and installation through Ensign.


Predictive/Estimated WiFi Survey

Our predictive site surveys provide a detailed overview of the site and the RF network performance expectations, your likely hardware requirements and the best possible access point locations for WiFi coverage. This type of WiFi survey causes a minimum of disruption as it does not require an onsite visit by one of our RF engineers; all that we need is a set of detailed site plans.

Post Installation Commissioning Survey

Sometimes referred to as a 'Validation Survey', a post installation survey is conducted once the network installation has been completed.

This service is designed to ensure that your wireless network is functioning according to the original specification. Quality checking this kind is a crucial part of wireless network planning and deployment as it can identify potentially troublesome and costly issues before any big decisions are made, which may cause disruption or be expensive to correct later down the line.

The subsequent report and survey heat-map contain all the data that is required to begin the planning, design and procurement stages of your wireless network project.

WiFi Health-Check Survey

There is little worse than investing a great deal of time, effort, and money, into something, only to find that the quality or performance falls short of expectation. Sometimes, wireless networks can develop - among other things - connectivity, coverage or authentication issues, areas of limited or zero coverage or increased interference, all of which will inevitably result in a poor end-user experience and can be a headache for your IT staff to remedy.

Comprehensive Business-Grade WiFi Surveys from Ensign Communications

An Ensign WiFi Health Check aims to seek out and mitigate any sources of network interference or poor performance. All of the subsequent data retrieved is presented in a detailed post survey report, complete with recommendations, our expert advice and suggested solutions to any problems that your network performance may be affected by.

In addition, Ensign's survey report will highlight any network security concerns, such as 'open' or loosely protected (e.g. WEP) networks.

AirMagnet WiFi Survey Spectrum Analysis

To ensure the optimum performance of your indoor or outdoor 802.11 n/a/b/g/ac enterprise wireless network Ensign's RF engineers use the industry leading AirMagnet survey software.

AirMagnet WiFi Survey

This advanced WiFi surveying tool guarantees the most accurate analysis of the site, minimising costly RF interference and poor performance in the subsequent network. Among many features, the Airmagnet survey tool simulates unforeseen scenarios, reducing the likelihood of costly multiple site visits and ensuring that the final Wireless LAN design performs as desired.

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