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Zebra Technologies

Combining a wealth of infrastructure and mobile hardware technologies, Zebra gives businesses an unprecedented level of visibility and control over their operations

We are a trusted, authorised installer for the full suite of Zebra technologies business solutions and products. If you are looking to implement or install a Zebra system featuring any of their hardware, software or services, please get in touch today to see if our experienced team of engineers and network design experts can help you.

Zebra Technologies (also Motorola) employs an extensive and diverse range of products to build more efficient businesses and better customer relationships through intelligent Auto ID and data capture solutions and integration. 

With a focus on the Retail, Warehouse & Manufacturing, and Hospitality sectors Zebra Technologies takes the plethora of data available to today’s organisations and enables simplified yet highly informed decisions to be made in real-time. Not only does this improve customer and commercial relationships but helps to build a picture of your business for constant improvement.

Zebra Technology solutions include:

Mobile Computers

Designed to deliver rapid 'on-the-go' data capture, Zebra's computers come in numerous form factors, from handheld and wearable to vehicle mounted and desktop.

Barcode Scanners

From Point-of-Sale (PoS) to warehouse inventory control, Zebra barcode scanners and 2D imagers can be fully ruggedised or streamlined for every application.

Printer Solutions

Zebra's printer solutions have all the bases covered, with industrial, desktop, mobile and RFID iterations all forming a part of their printer family.

What Industries Can Zebra Technologies Help Transform?


Zebra warehouse and logistics

Warehousing and Logistics


Enable your business to compete with next day delivery services, make your stock management simple, track your products at every stage of the supply chain. You can create a smart warehouse that is ready, competitive, adaptable and scalable. 

Integrate every stage of your supply chain and make intelligent responsive decisions with the technology that Zebra places at your fingertips. Working with Zebra, we at Ensign can create a tailored solution for your business using a range of warehousing technology solutions. 

Zebra provides Handheld, mobile and wearable computers for stock management, rugged scanners and tablets. Their tech solutions take you from receiving to inventory management and shipping. Enable your warehouse employees with portable and wearable digital displays to increase accuracy and eliminate any room for error. 

Begin the process for an Internet of Things enabled warehouse, at Ensign we can help design a tactical, adaptable solution where your Zebra technologies can communicate at every stage, to enable your warehouses to be reactive to demand at a store-front level. 

Need a wi-fi solution that’s reliable and connected across a large area warehouse? We’re specialists in providing the full solution, contact us now or learn more about our business wi-fi solutions.


zebra retail solutions



Zebra and Ensign can help you create a retail store that works seamlessly with your ecommerce strategy. Retail doesn’t have to die out, it just needs to adapt to a range of future technologies designed to put the customer first. 

Zebra’s technologies can integrate into your whole supply chain, so you always know how much stock you have out on the shop floor, and across the whole business. Enable your managers with the data they need to facilitate strong sales and get stock moving. 

Zebra’s handheld mobile scanners can increase your workforce’s efficiency and make things so much simpler for your customer experience. With smart insight solutions at your fingertips, you’ll never miss a selling opportunity.

Interested in a solution for your retail business? Fill in our no-fuss enquiry form and we’ll call you back for a no obligation chat. We’d love to learn more.


healthcare and zebra



Healthcare consistently tops the research results when it comes to industries that need to adopt more technology to create more efficient and safe processes, and our Zebra solutions can help.

Eliminate human error and create a safe, caring environment for patients with patient identity management solutions; securely capture data for each patient using a system of wearables and scanners and record important information such as dietary requirements, medication instructions and other high priority values. Use these profiles to track patient samples and results, and integrate all data into one space where only approved personnel can access it.

We’ve worked with public services across the board, let our network engineers and experts streamline your processes, save your budget and integrate cyber security solutions to secure your data.

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